An Idea Whose Time Has Come. Embrace The Change.  Work Smart, & Write Your Own Check.



Social Retail + Retargeting = $$
Modere Markets & Advertises For You And With You.

Modere combined the explosive growth of Direct Sales and Social Shopping to create a new and disruptive model we call SOCIAL RETAIL... All designed to support Modere's independent home business owners (Social Marketers) in a $500 Billion Dollar Market Shift, while helping you create a lasting income from home.

Here's How: As a Modere Social Marketer, our company will market (advertise) to your prospective and existing Modere customers through multiple channels, including a technology called re-targeting. (Paid for by Modere, not you.)

This Game Changer BUILDS Brand Awareness and Credibility, while also building Your Residual Customer Base, & Making Money For You.

You can try to make money online the hard way... Or, you can benefit from advertising & marketing the way the experts do it, just without the cost, by becoming a member of our Modere Social Marketer family.

If you do nothing else, watch this short video for proof. Seeing Is Believing.



Piqued your interest? Go Bronze

You've now seen how Modere helps its Social Marketers make money with real customers through our Social Retail model and the company's ongoing retargeting ad campaigns, but what does it mean?

How about a 10 to1 customer to marketer ratio with a 90% + customer re-order rate?... That's how you build an income from home that lasts. Now watch this 90 second video, and see what can happen when you follow a proven, 4 step roadmap to Bronze.

Would an extra $1000 (or more) monthly make a difference, in the next 30 days?



Who Is Modere? Business Overview

Modere is one of the best kept secrets in the home business industry... But that won't last for long.

If you enjoy making a difference in the lives of others; if your expectations are realistic and you want to build an income from home that you and your family can depend on... If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and work if you found the right opportunity...

Then, watch our business overview video.



The Next Step - Experience The Magic Firsthand.

If you've seen enough, and you're ready to join our business family now, you'll find a link near the bottom of this page to become a Modere Social Marketer.

If you have questions, and depending on where you are in the decision making process, we've also included 4 information links directly below.

The first is a page with videos on Modere's 3 Hero product lines we use as "a gateway" when introducing prospective customers to Modere.

The second is a video explanation of Modere's pay plan, along with a second video on our Fast Track Income plan if you're a leader or a builder.

The third is a 2 minute video that explains how your customers are rewarded by Modere.

The fourth link takes you to my personal Modere retail site where you can experience the magic of Modere's re-targeting ads firsthand, and see why it is so effective in helping you not only build a residual customer base, but also create a dependable source of income.

We're part of the fastest growing and most successful team in Modere because we focus on what builds the largest checks for our team, the fastest. We have team members earning 5 and 6 figure monthly checks with Modere... And it's all because of customers, working smart, and leverage.

If you decide that Modere meets the criteria you've been looking for, you'll meet and learn from our successful team members. We'll show you how to use the same methods that work best for us to attract prospective customers.

If you also want to build a team and leverage your income, not only will we provide you with a free personalized website just like the one you're visiting... We'll also show you how we attract team members who understand the importance of customers.


If you're ready to let Modere's re-targeting magic go to work for you too... Simply visit the link below to become a Modere Social Marketer. If you still have questions, call or text me at 972-743-0024, or email me.

If you'd like to experience the ATM part of our business model firsthand, to get more insight into why it works, just let us know.

Presented by
Keith and Dianne Francis
Modere Social Marketers
Irving, TX